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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How much do I pay for shipping?
  • Shipping costs depend on your location and preferred shipping method and are displayed to you when you place your order.
  • If you are ordering to a final destination within the European Union then shipping is FREE!
  • For orders with a final destination outside of the European Union the shipping cost is 15 euros.
  1. How long will it take for my order to arrive?
  • The shipping time of your order depends on your location and shipping method.
  • All shipments within the European Union generally arrive within 2-7 business days after placing your order.
  • All international shipments are guaranteed to arrive within 30 calendar days.
  1. How can I pay for my order?
  • You can pay for your order via online bank link, credit card (Visa and MasterCard), or via PayPal.
  1. Is my payment secure?
  • Yes, your payment is secure!
  • We do not have access to your bank or credit card information.
  • All payments are processed outside our webshop in a secure paying environment of a third-party service provider Maksekeskus AS (http://maksekeskus.ee/en/).
  1. Is VAT included in the product prices?
  • Prices presented in the webshop include VAT, unless you are ordering to a final destination outside of the European Union in which case your order is TAX FREE!
  1. What does “VAT 0.00” next to the product price mean?
  • If you are browsing our webshop from a location outside of the European Union then the product prices displayed in the webshop do not include VAT and your order is TAX FREE!
  1. How to know which size should I order?
  • Do know which size fits you we have a Size Guide on every product page. It’s featured on the top right side of the “Select Size” section.
  1. Are the sizes displayed in the webshop EU, UK, or US?
  • Most sizes displayed in the webshop are EU sizes except Adidas (UK), Kendall + Kylie (US), and Ralph Lauren (US).
  1. How to use a discount coupon?
  • You can use your coupon code at the checkout stage of your order. Just type the coupon code to the appropriate field and click “Apply Coupon”.
  1. Can I return or exchange products?
  • Yes. If you are not a legal person, then you have the right to return your order within 14 days after receiving your order.
  • If there are any signs of misuse or wear and tear on the products then Showroom Styling has the right not to accept returns, with the exception that the products are defective.
  1. How to return or exchange products?
  • To return your order you must submit a declaration of withdrawal to the e-mail address info@showroomstyling.com within 14 days of receiving your order.
  • You must return the products or submit evidence that the products you ordered were handed over to the carrier within 14 days starting from the submission of the declaration of withdrawal.
  • You shall bear the costs of returning the goods, except in cases where the reason for returning your order is due to non-compliance of the order (e.g. a wrong or defective product) or if you ordered to a final destination within the European Union.
  1. How are refunds handled?
  • Upon receiving the returned order Showroom Styling shall refund the order and payments received to you immediately but no later than within 14 days after receiving the returned products.
  • Showroom Styling has the right to refuse refunding the order until the products being returned are received by Showroom Styling or until you have provided Showroom Styling with proof of returning the order, whichever occurs first.
  1. How to become a Loyal Customer?
  • To become a Loyal Customer, simply register as one in our store, or register a user account at www.showroomstyling.com.
  1. Why should I become a Loyal Customer?
  • You will be the first to know about new products and exclusive offers, if you choose to.
  • You shall receive a Loyal Customer discount on all your regular priced orders!
  1. What if I have any further questions?
  • If you have any further questions or need help with your order then you can contact our Customer Support at info@showroomstyling.com (available during working days at 10:00-17:00 (GMT+2).
  1. Can I contact Showroom Styling through social media (Facebook, Instagram)?
  • We suggest contacting our Customer Support. Social media (Facebook, Instagram) is not our first and preferred line of communication.


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