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802740-G-1445 Riva-Chunky Navy / Silver

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SKU: 802740


Item number 802740


Wedges are IN and these will definetly help you catch some lenghty glances! A captivating washed denim upper is just what you need this season and just look at that ornate platform outsole…

At Blink we feel that putting on the pair of perfect shoes gives you the edge that can turn plain Janes into true runway runaways. The Blink collection has always been synonymous with impulse purchased, high-street fashion footwear; made possible by a very attractive price point and a short lead time to-market. We always try to get the look and quality just right because we understand the Blink girl wants to wear the latest trends without breaking the bank.

Upper: Blink PU

Lining: PU

Insole: 3/4 PU

Outsole: EVA


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