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75002-AA-2146 Cote Ombre Patent Winter Pink-Black

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Item number 75002


A shiny winter pink slash black ombre patent upper and an elegant stiletto heel make for one class-sass, fine looking combo!

With change as our only heritage we try to not let current trends and design movements dictate our every move. Instead we freely hack vintage wardrobe stables, or reinterpret catwalk craziness adding our own signature BRONX® edge. Ever evolving, because standing still is boring.

Within the collection we focus on quality materials and pay close attention to every detail. It is because of this balance between quality and style that Bronx is a key player in the market for high fashion shoes. BRONX® Shoes are designed by a team of specialists from Italy, the Netherlands and the UK. This cross-border approach helps us to keep the open mind that is necessary to constantly create innovative collections.

Heel height: 9,5 cm

Ombre Patent


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