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C052 Cooper Targoff 18+Noumerat Black

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Item number C052


Timeless! These gorgeous ankle boots by Felmini feature a beautiful black leather upper, a convinient ziplock fastener on the inner side for an easy fit, and a comfortable, black outsole.

We intend to reflect the style of a young woman, contemporary, active and who likes to wear all the latest fashion trends. To this end, we want to travel the world, meet people, create relationships, exchange experiences, experience different cultures, in order to be able to create.

With core values like passion, integrity and respect, we create exciting and cosmopolitan unique shoes and we work as a team with young designers, creative, dreamers, which absorb all the information and translate into unique and innovative products full of life and happiness in a wonderful world of color!

This is Felmini ®. It’s happiness, it’s a state of mind and is an attitude that seeks the happiness of woman with spirit forever young.

Upper: Leather

Lining: Textile / Leather

Outsole: Rubber


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