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Elise Cone Straps


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21017401 Elise-Cone-Straps Leather White

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Item number 21017401


A hella bauss pair of sneakers with a white leather upper, two studded velcro straps for added awesomness and comfort, and a phat, white rubber outsole.

“We like our shoes and lives relaxed, stylish and comfortable.”

With this philosophy in mind, Nubikk started to design women’s shoes and men’s shoes. Founded in 2012, Nubikk offers high-end designs that is accessible to a broad audience with good taste. All of the Nubikk boots and trainers have a timeless design that easily combines your shoes and boots with any of your favourite fashion items.

Upper: Leather

Lining: Leather + Textile

Insole: Leather

Outsole: Rubber


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