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14782 Equinox Bege-Flower

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Quirky sneakers with a multicolored, multiwash, multitexturized, multiCute, leather upper decorated with cute rose blossoms, and a comfy white rubber outsole!

The way Nobrand walks confidently its own way rather than trying to walk anyone else’s path seems to be one of the reasons that might explain the escalating success of the brand’s creative collective.


Or should we say, “Nobrand has opened the way for you to walk through like no one else”?


Born in 1988, the brand became famous for its timeless efforts in redefining technology and for giving a cutting edge to the traditional Portuguese shoe styling, a concept that is now becoming international.


Having the capacity of being permanently reinventing the classics is probably one of the most important Nobrand characteristics. By having a foot in the past and another foot in the future, Nobrand keeps creating the new by never underestimating the old. Unique shoes from Portugal, handmade with love and care.

And tons of attitude.

Upper :  Cow Leather + Mesh + Goat Leather

Lining: Textile

Insole: Pig Aniline Leather

Outsole: Polyurethane


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