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HBKK-118-0008A-26 Jazz Nylon Black

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SKU: HBKK-118-0008A-26


Item number HBKK-118-0008A-26


A beautiful true companion to each and every hardcore shopping spree with a black liquid nylon upper, matching black texturized vegan leather hardware, and a black shoulder strap lined with shiny silver stars.

KENDALL + KYLIE is a global lifestyle brand created by beloved style icons and fashion authorities, Kendall and Kylie Jenner. With a unique and unparalleled presence across the digital landscape, Kendall and Kylie have defined themselves as two of the most popular icons and personalities of this generation. Their clothing captures the unpredictable essence of today’s young fashion lover: confident, stylish, on trend and in charge. Starting in 2012, the Jenner sisters launched a highly successful juniors collection with Pacsun, sprouting numerous follow-up seasons and an unabashedly loyal fandom. Three years later, Kendall and Kylie collaborated with Topshop to create a series of California-inspired capsule collections, exclusive to the British-born retailer.

Length: 38 cm

Height: 27 cm

Width: 16 cm



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