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Item number AO06A


These absolutely stunning Italian penny loafers by Lemargo really do tell more than a thousand words could…

Lemargo arises from the entrepreneurial drive of Caterina and Dino who wanted to create a contemporary product close to their tastes. The initial intention was to provide a high level and innovative shoe targeted at customers able to appreciate and recognize its value. To make Lemargo shoes immediately recognizable and special, Gloria, the creative one in the family and also quality manager, has decided to make the “soul element” of the footwear visible: what in the footwear jargon is called “schienetta”.

This symbol, positioned and stuck on the outside of the sole becomes the distinctive and iconic trait of the brand. Hence, the idea of choosing the Lemargo Shark as the logo and name. The shoes, like the aquatic specimen that inspired them, are immersed in a process of coloration called “tinto.capo”. Lemargo footwear are also produced from leather and natural soles, where a special polishing technique enhances and gives vigor to the colors, making them all exclusive models.

Upper: Leather

Lining: Leather

Insole: Leather

Outsole: Leather


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