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BA05-001-45 Nice Leather Flamingo

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SKU: BA05-001-45


Item number BA05-001-45


A beautiful little messenger bag with a soft, smooth, flamingo pink leather upper, a convinient magnetic closure, and an adjustable leather strap.

Vagabond was founded in the late 60’s and originally only produced men’s shoes. So much has happened since. In the 80’s Vagabond’s young entrepreneurs-to-be fell in love with the brand and were entrusted with its transformation. In the beginning the design office was located in Portugal and in Italy, close to the world’s best knowledge of shoemaking. In 1993 Vagabond moves back to Varberg, Sweden, to set up a full workshop for prototypes, most likely one of its kind in Nothern Europe.

Height: 23 cm

Width: 19 cm

Depth: 5 cm

Upper: Leather

Lining: Polyester


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